Everyone has a git cheatsheet. Here’s mine to get out of a branch and kill it. I work with a developer who codes at approximately light speed and I’m a Rails beginner. If I start on something and it sits for a day or two it sometimes isn’t worth the effort to merge.

List branches

> git branch

* 15

The command opens a list in less. The * indicates which branch you are in. Here I have branch 15 and develop. Hit q to close the list. To remove a branch you have to leave it first.

> git checkout develop
> git branch -d 15

Git is kind and tries to keep you from doing stupid things. In this case there is so much badness in my branch I want it gone.

error: The branch '15' is not fully merged.
If you are sure you want to delete it, run 'git branch -D 15'.

❯ git branch -D 15
Deleted branch 15 (was c1a9f5c).

Now update your develop branch.

> git pull

And a few commands to fix your development database if things get wonky after the git pull. Dropdb is a utility that’s part of postgres. On MacOS it uses your login credentials so dropping a database is easy.

> dropdb my_databaename
> bundle exec rake db:create
> bundle exec rake db:migrate
> bundle exec rake seed:init --trace